Women of the Wild – available in paperback

women of the wild cover

WOMEN OF THE WILD is an anthology that brings together poetry and fiction from established authors as well as newcomers, all on the theme of “women of the wild”. Whether it’s Gemma Cartmell’s straight-out-of-a-fairytale Queen of the Animals, Alex Clarke’s warren-wombed woman, or the courageous Nat and Ellie from Casey Armstrong’s period piece Freedom to Lie, this anthology has a wild woman for practically every genre!

Contents include:

Storm Warning by Diane Enderby
Good Teeth by Evangeline Chateau-Loney
The Smile Maidens by S. E. Cyborski
Radio Grandma by Helen Noble
The Durga by L. S. Reinholt
Warren Womb by Alex Clarke
Queen of the Animals by Gemma Cartmell
Freedom to Lie by Casey Armstrong
The Fox Mother by Emmy Clarke
Refuge by Ruth Woodward

Paperback £5:99

Kindle edition £2.32

All proceeds from Women of the Wild goes towards The Women’s Playgroup


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